Top 3 Reasons to List Your House with a Real Estate Professional

Top 3 Reasons to List Your House with a Real Estate Professional


Whether you are selling your first home or your fourth – you will still want to weigh the pros and cons of using a real estate professional. The growing trend of For Sale by Owner may appeal to you if you are trying to save money, however, there is wisdom in using a real estate professional to list your house.

Top 3 Reasons to List Your House with a Real Estate Professional

Real estate agents are professionally trained and educated in all matters of listing, selling and buying a home. While they receive a commission based on the selling price of your home, having an agent on your side, for you and your interests, is invaluable.


Real estate professionals contain a wealth of knowledge. They know the local real estate market and specifically what homes have sold for in your neighborhood. They have details regarding how quickly houses are selling and what features are attracting buyers. They know what price to list your house. Most importantly, they know and represent you, as well as your interests throughout the sale.


While the idea of saving money and listing yourself may be enticing, you lose the exposure that a real estate agent provides. When an agent lists your house, they provide marketing, professional photographs, internet advertising, and social media promotion. Not to mention the connection they have with other agents. An agent’s primary goal is to sell your house, and they work hard until they complete the task. Did you know, 80% of home buyers are using an agent? Don’t miss out on the opportunity for equal exposure.


Think of a real estate agent as your personal advocate. They work for you and want the sale of your house to go favorably. They are in your corner, and they are a mediator between you and a buyer (or buyer’s agent). Your real estate agent assists you with negotiations, inspections, and appraisals. If you have a question or concern about the sale at any step in the process, your agent’s job is to be there for you.

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