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About Matt Helmintoller

Maximizing Success


We Identify, Mature and Connect Entrepreneurs with Local Angel Investors.

Growing our community one business at a time. The next 100 years will be exciting and prosperous for the Space Coast and Brevard County. But for us to fully experience that prosperity, we must change. One change we need is to grow Brevard into a robust export economy across a wide spectrum of technologies and markets. By Export, we mean that the main customer for our products and services is outside of the area, whether nationally or internationally. That will be our legacy.


We are Focused on the Foundational Elements of Growing a Successful Business.

A good plan beats hype every time. We focus on the foundational elements of a good business plan such as branding, intellectual property, market development, distribution and a sound management team. Our team of Angels and partners are here to maximize the probability of success. We are hands-on with every company we invest in.

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